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There are many ways to collaborate with me. Whether you are seeking support for yourself through treatment or coaching, need supervision or mentoring to better serve your clients, or need consulting for your organization, you can book time with me here.

I knew David would pioneer the eating disorder world. I’ve had the privilege to be supervised by him. I am truly grateful for his profound insight and passion in this field.

Private Practice

Dr. David Wiss is one of the most influential registered dietitians in the field of behavioral health because he continually strives to challenge the status quo by asking hard questions, researching difficult nuances, and seeking common ground without compromising his personal and professional integrity.

Private Practice

Dr. David Wiss and his cutting-edge research are gifts to the evolving fields of eating disorder treatment and applied nutrition science by challenging ideological dogma, dismantling outdated rhetoric, and upgrading old-fashioned treatment models.

Private Practice

I sought supervision and mentorship from David nearly six years ago when I started working in a treatment center for substance use. Not only did I learn valuable clinical nutrition skills, but I learned much-needed counseling skills.

Private Practice

David's approach is as thoughtful and compassionate as it is knowledgeable. He's not afraid to challenge the status quo if it means getting the truth to the people who need it most.

Private Practice

David Wiss made himself available to me as a mentor on the topics of nutrition interventions for substance use disorder and eating disorders. I find myself referencing his work often.

Culinary Dietitian


Individual and family counseling, functional medicine, group facilitation



Professional supervision, staff training, expert opinion/quote



Academic conferences, podcasts, wellness workshops



Joint efforts on research, statistical analysis, manuscript writing

Working With Dr. David Wiss

At my core, I am a clinician. Before even becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist twelve years ago, I have worked one-on-one with people and developed deep passionate for this transformative work. I’ve spent a large portion of my career conducting counseling with individuals struggling with disordered eating and related health challenges.

I’m a functional medicine practitioner recognized by the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), which means I’m trained to think in “systems” and investigate the root causes of illness. There are many tests that can help me discover more about you in the quest to find wellness.

I’m also a person with lived experience with recovery and available for coaching, mentoring, and other forms of personal or professional support. I stand on the shoulder of giants and am happy to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

Finally, I am a mental health scientist. I’m trained to conduct original research, analyze data, and disseminate findings. I love presenting to my colleagues and welcome opportunities to speak with your organization.

Dr. David Wiss

Dr. David Wiss, PhD, MS, RDN

Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Science, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Quick Consultation - (No Forms)

30 minutes @ US$100.00, Online/Video chat

Here to answer all of your questions and look for ways I can be helpful. These sessions are reserved for individuals who do not want to undergo a full formal intake process or want to start by exploring it first.

For ongoing clinical work together, I will need to conduct a formal intake.

Professional Supervision - (No Forms)

45 minutes @ US$200.00, Online/Video chat

Ongoing Consultation & Mentoring Services for Professionals.

There is work in between sessions.

I will go the extra mile for you.

Nutrition Counseling - (Intake)

50 minutes @ US$250.00, In-person or Online/Video chat

Individualized Assessment, Nutrition Intervention, Goal Setting, Implementation, Monitoring.

This is treatment.

Packages, Favorite Lab Tests, Team Members

Learn more about our group practice.

If you have financial difficulties, we can try to be helpful.

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