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With over 20 peer-reviewed journal publications, Dr. Wiss is dedicated to disseminating his findings and progressive perspectives at the intersection of nutrition and mental health.

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    Included are publications from peer-reviewed journals and academic books. Some are empirical research papers and others are comprehensive reviews. If you cannot access the full version of an article, please send us a message.


    Ultra-processed foods and mental health: Where do eating disorders fit into the puzzle?Arrow Up

    Ultra-processed foods (UPFs) like pastries, packaged snacks, fast foods, and sweetened beverages have become dominant in the…


    A novel weight suppression score associates with distinct eating disorder symptomsArrow Up

    Weight suppression has been defined as diet-induced weight loss, traditionally operationalized as the difference between one’s highest…


    Dismantling the myth of “all foods fit” in eating disorder treatmentArrow Up

    In our opinion, it is imperative that ED clinicians challenge any all-or-nothing thinking that they may have…


    Association between childhood maltreatment and depressive and anxiety symptomsArrow Up

    Childhood maltreatment ACEs, particularly childhood sexual abuse, are salient predictors of depressive and anxiety symptoms among adult…


    Social support moderates the association between ACEs and self-reported drug useArrow Up

    The dimension of household dysfunction had a stronger prediction of drug use than the dimension of childhood…


    Low carbohydrate and psychoeducational programs show promise for food addictionArrow Up

    The current data are the first to demonstrate the short-term clinical effectiveness of a low-carbohydrate “real food”…

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