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Research informs clinical work. And clinical work informs research questions. There are some investigators who are privileged to do both. Insights here come from a combination of the two.

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    David Wiss is a respected educator and professional in the field of eating disorders and food addiction, known for his integrative approach that combines nutrition, mental health, and lifestyle interventions.

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    David is a thought leader who has impacted the eating disorder field by challenging us to think outside the box and embrace the use of nutrition for mental health healing.

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    Dr. Wiss has addressed many areas of concern and interest to the profession. David’s experience, communication, and accessibility are valuable resources to others practicing clinical nutrition.


    Dr. David Wiss has been a transformative force in the nutrition field, bringing a unique blend of expertise and compassion to his work. His innovative insights and practical approach have bridged the gap between polarizing narratives.

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    Dr. Wiss is a leader in the field of dietetics, mental health, disordered eating, and substance abuse. His vast amounts of research prove his dedication to breaking out of mundane routine care and paving the way for new evidence-based treatment methods.

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    Every now and again, a transformative guide comes into your world, and if you remain open, you may be lucky enough to receive their masterful gifts. Dr. Wiss is my sacred guide, and I have exponentially grown because of him.

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    Included are publications from peer-reviewed journals and academic books. Some are empirical research papers and others are comprehensive reviews. If you cannot access the full version of an article, please send us a message.


    Ultra-processed foods and mental health: Where do eating disorders fit into the puzzle?Arrow Up

    Ultra-processed foods (UPFs) like pastries, packaged snacks, fast foods, and sweetened beverages have become dominant in the…


    A novel weight suppression score associates with distinct eating disorder symptomsArrow Up

    Weight suppression has been defined as diet-induced weight loss, traditionally operationalized as the difference between one’s highest…


    Dismantling the myth of “all foods fit” in eating disorder treatmentArrow Up

    In our opinion, it is imperative that ED clinicians challenge any all-or-nothing thinking that they may have…


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